EVMI Collaborates with Atelier Dreiseitl

January 27, 2011 14:04pm


Environmental Ventures Marketing Inc (EVMI) was established in 1999 to provide innovative natural solutions to the growing issue of pollution, particularly contamination from wastewater effluents and other organic wastes.

EVMI specializes in integrated wastewater treatments that are tailored to every situation, whether municipal, industrial or commercial. This includes holistic bioaugmentation and alternative aeration systems, as well as the design, construction, management and repair of sanitary plumbing systems, Category 4 DENR-standard landfills, materials recovery facilities (MRFs), toxic waste treatment and disposal facilities, among other environmental requirements.

EVMI also conducts Environmental Planning and Environmental Impact Assessments, which are prerequisites for any development project or business undertaking.

With the vision of renewing the earth, EVMI provides clients with products and services that help them comply with top environmental standards while saving money in the process. People, planet and profit: now going green makes more sense.

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